About Garner Equine

Garner Equine’s facility consists of three main components: the clinic/office complex, hospital barn, and reproductive center/mare motel.

Centrally located, the main clinic houses a reception area, pharmacy, large exam/treatment area, radiology suite, two padded induction/recovery rooms, full-service surgical suite, ICU monitoring stall, and conference room.  Three sets of stocks are located in the main hospital for safety and restraint.

Our hospital barn contains 13 stalls, several of which can accommodate mares with foals.  These stalls house our medicine, lameness, and pre- and post- surgical cases.

The 14,400 sq. ft. reproductive center consists of a manager’s office, a collection room, clinical and semen processing lab, embryo transfer lab, large ultrasound and AI area, stallion barn, and mare motel.  Three sets of mare/ foal stocks are used for safety and restraint. To assist in loading and unloading your foals, a set of swing gates that attach to your trailer are located at the rear entry of the mare motel.