Dave & Donna Maggard

Our December Client of the Month is a husband/wife team, Dave & Donna Maggard, who raise Peruvian Pasos and American Bison.

Their breed of choice is the Peruvian Paso, not just for their looks, but according to Dave, they are the Rolls Royce for trail rides. If you don’t see the Maggards on a trail ride you might run into them showing their Peruvians in College Station, Glen Rose, or other local arena.  When competing, the horses are entered in 3 different categories; Breeding, Gaiting, and Performance.  In 2013 they sold Bronce BP, their 26 year old Peruvian Paso stallion.  A ranch from Peru, well known for the Piloto bloodline, bought Bronce to carry on this line.  In the world of Peruvians, Piloto was a famous stallion.  Bronce is one of the last three stallions in the world that still carries this bloodline.  Another of the Maggards’ Peruvian stallions, Fiscal, was named 2014 Performance stallion of the year in Oklahoma; as well as the runner up in Texas.  When Dave & Donna are not showing, you might see them participating in various parades during the year, usually in full costume!

The Maggards live in Strawn, Texas where they enjoy raising American Bison. Currently, they have Bison in Idaho, Kansas, and Texas.  Many Cutting Horse trainers love to use the Bison instead of cattle due to their ease of care.  Additionally, they do not sour, but most of all, they never wear out!  We are proud of the Maggards, and pleased to present them as our Client of the Month