Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer is our client to spotlight this month.       She was raised in Fort Worth and currently lives in Oran, with her husband Dave, at Robertson Hill Ranch.       Jennifer has raised four boys and is now enjoying watching them as young adults.       She has to wear many hats during her day at the ranch:  wife, mom, secretary, cowpuncher, horse hauler and errand runner.  Her days are packed, but yo…u will never see her without a smile on her face.       Jennifer has watched and supported her family in their roping endeavors for many years and now has taken up the sport herself.  She has been diligent with her practice, being in the arena several days a week whether hot or cold and continues to improve every day.  She is competing in local ropings and waiting on her first paycheck.  Jennifer has a big fan club at every arena.        Thank you to Jennifer for being an inspiration to all women and good luck in the the future.