Ken & Leslie Phillips

         Our clients for the month of February are Ken and Leslie Phillips.   The couple moved to the Azle area six years ago after raising their two children. Leslie was six years old when she had a horse named Old Red; she loved having horses and wanted to get back into that groove.

          Ken and Leslie started with two green broke Palomino Quarter Horse mares, Honey and Darlin’.  The next year they added an Easy Jet broodmare. Soon they knew that breeding and raising foals better fit their lifestyle.  The mares and foals live on their place and are enjoyed by family, friends, and neighbors.  The foals are named after family and neighbors, which can get confusing when they talk about them to others.  So, when “Ryan cuts his nose” it means a colt is hurt, not the kid down the street! 

          The Phillips now run a business raising and selling Quarter Horse race bred yearlings.  To realize their goals, they must continuously upgrade mares.  They breed to nationally known stallions with marketable foals that mature early and sell at a profit as yearlings. Their recent foals have run in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. 

          We the staff here at Garner Equine, help the Phillips’ with their breeding process.  Dr. Seale and our technicians inseminate, perform embryo transfers, and ultrasound their mares, as well as vaccinations, dentals and routine care.  Ken and Leslie enjoy raising their babies and keep us up to date on the ones that go on to be winners.  We are very proud to be a partner with their business and wish them well for many years to come.