Pete Stucky

Garner Equine is happy to have Pete Stucky as a client and as our August Client of the Month. Pete owns the 7S Racing Stables in Carbon, Texas, about 25 miles South of Eastland. He and Jana have been in the racing industry for 40 years. He was previously located in Kansas and Florence, Texas.

Pete is involved in the ownership and sale preparation of 35 – 40 head of horses each year. He divides his time between starting colts, race preparation and a rehabilitation center for horses.
Horse owners from all over have entrusted their young race horses’ preparation and injured horse rehabilitation to 7S Racing Stables, knowing Pete’s years of experience will lead them to the track.
In addition, 7S buys and finds new homes for approximately 100 registered Quarter Horse geldings annually.

Pete was awarded the prestigious 2008 Bank of America Racing Challenge, American Quarter Horse racing’s richest program ( It is obtained by owners and trainers for races run in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Pete also has two of the top 5 syndicated Thoroughbred stallions in Texas. Special Rate stands to the public at Stoneview Farm in Hempstead, Texas ( Uncle Abby stands at Key Ranch in Salado, TX (

Thanks Pete for being such a positive influence in the horse industry!