Rocker is a 16 year old paint gelding owned by Karen Pryor. In March of 2011, Dr. Seale received an after hours emergency call regarding a bad laceration; Rocker had hung his foot in a fence.  Upon arrival Dr. Seale cleaned, prepped, and assessed the wound.  The laceration caused extensive heel damage, deep digital flexor tendon damage, along with an open coffin joint. Dr. Seale lavaged the joint on site and requested Rocker be brought into the clinic for further treatment.  Once at the clinic, Rocker was put under anesthesia as his laceration was surgically debrided and sutured. The coffin joint was lavaged daily and regional intravenous antibiotics were administered.  Once all of the debris and infection was cleaned up, a cast was applied to his foot to support the initial healing phase.  Over the course of the next few months Rocker received corrective farrier work and a specialized bar shoe to support proper hoof growth until the hoof capsule strengthened.  After many month and over 30 bandages, Rockers foot has healed and he is completely sound and back on the trail again.