October 1, 2013, which started as a normal fall day for Rudy, a four year old quarter horse gelding, would end as a day that changed his life forever. Rudy, owned and trained by Cutter Holloway, had a freak accident in the arena that resulted in a small laceration on his neck and a “runny eye”.

When Rudy was brought to have his neck sutured the next morning, Dr. Seale examined the eye as well.  The eye turned out to be much more concerning. The “runny eye” was actually a ruptured globe that had plugged itself with an iris prolapse.  This natural occurrence kept the eye from being completely lost.  The chamber of the eye was filled with blood and fibrin to the point the lens could not be seen, so it was unknown if Rudy would have sight IF we could save the eye.  Cutter made the decision to treat Rudy’s eye and try to save it.

The protruding iris was trimmed and the hole in the cornea was carefully sutured closed.  A sub-palpebral lavage system was put in place and Rudy received antibiotics and anti-inflammatories in his eye 24 hours a day, for 10 straight days.  On day 3 a clearing agent was also injected into Rudy’s eye that removed enough fibrin and blood that Dr. Seale was certain Rudy had luxated his lens and would be permanently blind.  On day 10 the lavage system was removed and Rudy went home to continue his recovery.

One month after his traumatic accident Cutter rode Rudy again, not certain what to expect from him now.  The trusting horse rode the same as always.  He now waits for his cue to turn the barrel on his blind side. They recently won high point senior in the Lone Star Riding Club year end event.  This won the team a nice saddle.

Cutter plans to compete on Rudy at all the upcoming events.  This is an amazing accomplishment that we can’t wait to see the results of.  Good luck Cutter and Rudy.